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Taking the First Step Towards Change

How many times have you sat on your coffee break, and thought about something you want to do someday? Something that seems a thousand miles away, but that you long for? Maybe you want to finally get in shape, dropping all the years worth of fried food and bad habits you've accumulated over your [...]

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Live The Life You Want

You have the power to change your life, and direct the course you want it to take. There is no gimmick, expensive solution, or trick to this. You simply need to first know what you want, what your values are, and absolutely believe that you have the power to chart and follow your course. The [...]

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Personal Brand Effectiveness

.In a world where our coworkers are also our friends and competition, it is important to work to always have your personal brand tuned up and presentation-ready. In the workplace, other employees will slowly get to know you by what you bring to the environment. This reputation, or personal brand, will spread to the [...]

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Using LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand

One of the easiest ways for a job seeker to build a personal brand is by using social media platforms. You want to establish a digital identity that is professional, touts your past work and shows your skills. LinkedIn is often considered the "professional" social media platform, and many employers (both traditional and contract) [...]

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Why Personal Brand Matters

For many job seekers, sending well-worded cover letters and résumés free of typos seems like the best plan for landing that perfect position. But to really stand out in a positive way -- and have a better chance at being considered for that dream job -- consider how you create your personal brand. Branding [...]

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Take Control of Your Career

Stop settling for a career you don't love and stand up for yourself! .You are a human being with great talents, and you deserve to be recognized and appreciated as such. Step out of your box and take action on the change you NEED with these six steps: DECIDE ON WHAT YOU [...]

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Ask Marie: Connecting with a New Team

Ask Marie: Connecting With a New Team Dear Marie, I have been working for my company for 3 ½ years and was transferred to the marketing department 3 months ago. My ability to strategically problem solve, while making quick decisions, as well as my commitment to the company were recognized, resulting in my dream opportunity [...]

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Ask Marie: Uninspired & Overlooked

Ask Marie: Uninspired & Overlooked Dear Marie, I have been with my current company for 7 years, and in my current job for the past 2 years. I love the people I work with and most of the work I do. When the company promoted me to supervisor 2 years ago, I was extremely [...]

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Is Finding a New Job on Your Employee’s List of New Year Resolutions?

Is finding a new job on your employee’s list of new year resolutions? The results of a recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder reveal at least one in five employees are searching for a new job and have included it on the top of their top resolution list in 2017.  This statistic should [...]

Is Finding a New Job on Your Employee’s List of New Year Resolutions? 2017-03-21T14:42:47+00:00

Small Steps toward a Great Culture

“Is this the right environment for me to achieve the success I envision?” As business owners and leaders, many of you most likely vacillate between lying awake at night, worried about what is to come, to moments of euphoria believing you have the recipe for success. Your employees, however, live in a relatively constant [...]

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