Executive Coaching 4-Week Intensive 2018-08-29T15:41:42+00:00

Set goals. Remain committed.
Hold yourself accountable.

Are you struggling to get the most from your team? Are you feeling blocked from reaching your professional goals? Do you regularly feel stressed at the end of each work day? Do you allow that stress to impact your personal life?

This 4-week intensive is designed to help you gain clarity, focus, and insight to better leverage your time and resources allowing you to reduce stress, improve your performance as well as the performance of your team, and ultimately create a better work-life balance that energizes your life. Uncover subconscious blocks that are holding you captive and preventing you from reaching success.

Weekly 30-minute calls with Marie

Exercises and techniques you can immediately put into practice

Insightful tools and worksheets to help you better understand where you are and where you want to be

One-on-one guidance on how to set and reach measurable targets to achieve your goals

Make a change today.

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As your coach, I promise to:

  • evoke discovery, insight, commitment, and action

  • get you to do things beyond what you thought you could do

  • help you come from a place of confidence

  • help you break through what’s holding you back

  • challenge you to focus time on what you really want to do

  • take what’s inside and translate it into outer goals that you can accomplish step-by-step

Adapt & Connect

We only understand in others what we can understand in ourselves.

Our self-discovery techniques will enable you to recognize the innate reasons behind the thinking, decision-making, communication, and motivational styles of others to get the very best from yourself and the people you work with.

Identify Blind Spots

Everyone has opportunities to grow, but many do not know what they are blind to.

Our process will provide insight to those blind spots along with a roadmap for you to follow to set stretch goals that will catapult both personal and professional growth.

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