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Whether you are a small business, a large corporation, or a non-profit organization,
ProTilly will provide you with a deep understanding of your team’s strengths,
leadership styles, and abilities which will 
allow you to overcome any obstacle
and sky-rocket your growth.


Let ProTilly take recruitment off your plate.

Foster relationships, accelerate growth, and set your team up for success.

Cultural Renaissance

The renewal of life, vigor, and interest among your workforce through organizational culture. This program is guaranteed to reduce turnover within the first 30 days.

Policy & Procedure Audit

Comprehensive analysis of what is affecting employee onboarding, engagement, & retention.

Key Employee “Stay” Interviews

Identify your key employees and determine the likes, dislikes, and ambitions that will keep them on your team longer.

Fundamental Plan

Extensive program designed to reinforce the findings and best practices during our time with your team.

Change Management

Ideal for organizations undergoing rapid growth, acquisitions, mergers, or new executive leadership.

Organizational Audit

Analysis & inventory of anything that may be directly or indirectly impacted by the change.

Stakeholder Communication Plan

Comprehensive plan for communicating the change to internal stakeholders.

Key Employee “Stay” Interviews

Identify your key employees and determine the likes, dislikes, and ambitions that will keep them on your team longer.

3-Point Action Plan

Action plan to mitigate employee anxiety, enhance engagement, and retention.

Performance Metrics

Beneficial for organizations seeking to break barriers and increase growth.

Organizational Audit

Reveal job evaluation data that will identify the key contributing factors essential to growing your business.

Customized Performance Assessment Plan

Custom program that produces developmental objectives designed to maximize employee growth.  Includes training for leaders on effective us of the program and tools created

Competencies Assessed:

Strategic Thinking
Job Knowledge & Skills
Teamwork & Collaboration
Reliability & Dependability
Innovation & Creativity
Ability to Influence

Leadership Development & Succession Planning

Designed for your leaders to enhance leadership skills and competencies such as communication, strategic thinking, conflict resolution, motivating employees, delegation, and innovation.

(3) Customized 90-Minute Workshops

Leader Planning Sessions

Identify high-potential employees and understand the use of development tools.

Critical Role Succession Plan

Work/Life Balance

Designed for organizations who are experiencing fatigue, burn-out, or decline in motivation & innovation among their teams.

Organizational Audit

Analysis of the organizational structure, employee roles & responsibilities.

Employee & Leader Interviews

Comprehensive discovery report with recommendations

Employee Workshop

Providing employees with a self-directed action plan.

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