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Stop setting goals
and start
setting a vision.

What to Expect

After 30 years transforming employee operations for various companies, as well as transforming herself into a top-performing human resources executive, Marie decided to pursue her passion for people and founded ProTilly with the mission to guide like-minded individuals, leaders, & businesses reach their success.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Marie’s coaching and guidance had a remarkable impact on my performance and overall quality of life. I feel more confident as a leader in my company and the engagement I’ve received from my team as a response has opened up a whole new world of opportunities.”

Maria B., Sales Executive

“Before working with Marie, we had spent many unsuccessful months trying to fill a senior position on our own. Almost immediately after she stepped in, Marie delivered top-performing, highly-qualified candidates for my final consideration. I am beyond impressed and grateful for her expertise.”

“Even with 10+ years of professional experience, I found useful information in ProTilly’s workshops. I revised my cover letter with Marie’s suggestions and immediately received more responses from potential employers.”

Georgia K., Sales Professional