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 Leadership Intelligence (LQ) is in high demand within today’s knowledge-based workforce. In this two-part series ProTilly’s founder & CEO, Marie Chindamo, will dive into the six (6) internal and external competencies essential to your LQ and teach you how to shape your thoughts and actions to be consistent with your beliefs. By following this blueprint, you will find the ability to motivate yourself and others, drive results, inspire, and be viewed as the go-to person for innovative and progressive strategies.

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Part I:
The Elements in
Your Control

Gain an introduction to the concept of leadership intelligence and learn how to develop the internal competencies imperative for every leader to have.

Build your confidence from a place of mindfulness
Understand and leverage the difference between
emotion and passion
Use your conviction to build trust and motivate team
Learn techniques to help you visualize and achieve your goals
Improve your ability to adapt to change

Part II:
Leveraging Your Environment

Once you have strengthened your internal abilities, you can start to develop the skills needed to leverage your environment and set you up for success.

Discover the key components to continual learning
Master time management techniques and tools to
improve your reliability
Learn how to set measurable and attainable targets
Build an effective strategy to increase productivity
Understand how taking risks can launch you forward